Phenibut powder

Appearance : White powder
Chemical Formula: C10H13NO2
Molecular Weight: 179.22
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf life:2 Years
OEM: Capsule
Packing: 10g,50g,100g,1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber drum
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment
Payment Method:Wire Transfer(T/T),Western Union,Money Gram,Alipay
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Product Introduction

1. What Is Phenibut ?

Phenibut powder, a subordinate of the synapse GABA, has procured thought for its essential structure and pharmacological properties. Substance examinations dig into its sub-atomic construction, explaining the particular bonds and practical gatherings that add to its exceptional qualities. Also, concentrates on its solvency, glasslike structure, and dependability give fundamental experiences to drug and research applications. Besides, examinations concerning its combination strategies, including synthetic responses and cleansing cycles, are significant for guaranteeing the compound's immaculateness and consistency. Figuring out its actual properties, for example, thickness, molecule size, and stream conduct, is fundamental for planning it into different measurements structures. Additionally, investigation into its cooperations with different mixtures and materials reveals insight into potential medication conveyance frameworks or mix treatments. Generally speaking, a top to bottom investigation of it from a synthetic and material point of view offers significant information for drug improvement, logical philosophies, and logical progressions in related fields.

Phenibut is a sort of "knowledge advancing medication" with various impacts on the body and sensory system. Mental retardants are drugs that upgrade memory or animate explicit region of the mind. Individuals with summed up uneasiness jumble (Stray) may profit from taking fenibute. The specific title of the steady is β-Phenyl-γ-Aminobutyric destructive, it is γ-Subordinates of aminobutyric destructive, a restless structure regulator, GABA (and its auxiliaries, like phenytoin sodium) have been seemed to have a couple of farsighted effects, making these synthetic compounds important for a couple of drugs. Fenibuter is a sort of insight advancing medication, once in a while used to treat uneasiness problems. This medication was initially an "space explorer's medication".


Product Name Phenibut EINECS 214-079-6
CAS 1078-23-1 MW 179.22
MF C10H13NO2 Form Powder


3. Phenibut Benefits

(1). Neurological Impacts

Phenibut powder bulk applies anxiolytic and opiate influences by adjusting GABA receptors in the mind, heading to a quieting sensation and diminished opinions of disquiet. It might in addition overhaul mental work, progress attitude, and advance loosening up without causing vital sedation.

(2). Tranquilizer

Because of its quieting properties, Phenibut is utilized as a tranquilizer to assist people with a sleeping disorder or rest unsettling influences. By advancing unwinding and lessening nervousness levels, it can add to further developed rest quality and term.

(3). Muscle Relaxant

Phenibut's capacity to follow up on GABA receptors reaches out to muscle unwinding, making it useful for people encountering muscle pressure, fits, or stress-related muscle snugness. It can assist with easing actual inconvenience and advance generally unwinding.

(4). Social Enhancer

A few clients report that Phenibut upgrades friendliness and trust in friendly circumstances. By decreasing social nervousness and hindrances, it might work with connections and correspondence, prompting a more sure friendly experience.

(5). Mental Upgrade

Notwithstanding its anxiolytic impacts, Phenibut Powder is accepted to have mental upgrading properties, possibly further developing concentration, fixation, and mental clearness. It might uphold mental capability under pressure and upgrade by and large mental execution.

(6). Adaptogen

Phenibut is some of the time sorted as an adaptogen because of its capability to assist the body with adjusting to stressors and advance a feeling of equilibrium. It might uphold strength to push, work on close to home dependability, and help in adapting to testing circumstances.

(7). Actual Execution Backing

A few clients propose that Phenibut can improve actual execution by decreasing tension connected with execution pressure. By advancing unwinding and center, it might assist competitors and wellness aficionados with accomplishing improved results during exercises or rivalries.

4. Application

(1). In the field of psychological wellness, Phenibut hcl powder is utilized as a soothing and hostile to nervousness prescription, which helps treat uneasiness problems, social fear, and other profound issues.
(2). Rest jumble treatment: Because of its quieting and loosening up impacts, Phenibut is broadly used to treat a sleeping disorder and other rest problems.
(3). Sports execution streamlining: Certain individuals use Phenibut to decrease cutthroat pressure and uneasiness, to further develop sports execution.
(4). Social events: Phenibut is once in a while utilized as a social enhancer to assist with mitigating social tension and work on interactive abilities.
(5). Mental capability improvement: A few clients guarantee that Phenibut decidedly affects consideration, memory, and mental capabilities, assisting with further developing cerebrum capability.

5. Company Profile

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd. is focused on the creation and R and D of plant extraction. Joined with very good quality creation and testing gear and worldwide state of the art handling and examination innovation, it has investigated the viability and component of an enormous number of plant dynamic fixings, and collected a hypothetical and information starting point for the improvement of another age of useful beverages. Our item quality control markers mmet thorough necessities for the CP,USP and EP, Giving strong testament of investigation.


Phenibut powder

6. Our Certificate

Our factory has total endorsements and item authentications. For the items we produce, we have enrolled them and gotten significant item enlistment testaments to guarantee that they meet the prerequisites of regulations and guidelines and can be sold and circled lawfully. Plant concentrates can be utilized in the food business and have gotten relating food handling affirmations, like HACCP (Danger Examination and Basic Control Point Confirmation), to guarantee that items satisfy food handling guidelines.

Phenibut hcl powder


7. Our Factory

The two completely programmed and profoundly shrewd extraction and handling lines freely planned by the organization have high productivity and enormous limit, acknowledge PLC keen control of the entire presentation process, and consequently structure a quality discernibility framework. They have the creation and handling limit of different types of items from unrefined substance extraction, detachment, fixation, freeze-drying, splash drying, to extraction powder, strong particles, fluid/concentrated fluid and tablets, It has turned into the favored oem/odm extensive specialist co-op for in excess of 20 popular ventures at home and abroad. The organization earnestly addresses the issues of clients at home and abroad, and offers all over types of assistance for the advancement of modified, top notch and safe unadulterated plant useful beverages.

Phenibut bulk

8. Packaging

Phenibut Powder Supplier:

Bulk Phenibut General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

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9. Logistics

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

Phenibut Powder bulk

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