Quinine Powder

Appearance : White powder
Chemical Formula: C20H24N2O2
Molecular Weight: 324.417
CAS: 130-95-0
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf life:2 Years
OEM: Capsule;table
Packing: 1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber can
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
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Product Introduction

1.What is Quinine Powder?

Quinine Powder, also known as cinchona alkaloid, is the main alkaloid in the bark of Rubiaceae plant cinchona and its congeners. It is a drug used to treat and prevent malaria and to treat pyrococcosis. Quinine is one of the most established antimalarial drugs. As soon as the fifteenth 100 years, cinchona bark containing quinine has turned into a particular medication generally used to treat jungle fever.

Quinine was introduced into China from Europe and was once called "cinchona cream", which was a very rare drug at that time.Quinine has strong killing effect on erythrocytic schizonts of various Plasmodium. It can combine with the DNA of Plasmodium to form complexes, inhibit DNA replication and RNA transcription, and thus inhibit the protein synthesis of Plasmodium.It has no effect on infrared phase and can not cure benign malaria. A long course of treatment can cure falciparum malaria.Quinine can inhibit myocardium, prolong refractory period, slow down conduction and weaken its contractility. It has a weak excitatory effect on pregnant uterus.

2.Product display

Product Name Quinine Part of used /
Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Purity 98%
Appearance White Powder Shelf time 24 Months



(1). Quinine Powder is an imperative antimalarial medicate, which can hinder the generation or slaughter the Plasmodium falciparum.

(2). Quinine can also inhibit myocardial contractility and increase uterine rhythmic contraction.

(3).Quinine can inhibit the erythrocyte phase of various malaria parasites and control the onset of malaria symptoms.

(4).Quinine can excite uterus, inhibit myocardium and relieve fever and pain.

(5). Quinine is an vital antimalarial medicate. It can repress the propagation or slaughter the Plasmodium falciparum.

(6). Quinine can inhibit myocardial contraction.

(7). Quinine can increase the rhythmic contraction of uterus.


(1). In the pharmaceutical field, quinine is mainly used in the following areas:

  • Treating malaria: Quinine is a successful antimalarial drug ordinarily used to treat intestinal sickness.
  • Antipyretic and analgesic: Quinine makes antipyretic and pain relieving impacts and can be utilized to ease fever and agony side effects.
  • Antiparasitic: Quinine meaningfully affects specific parasites and can be utilized to treat parasitic contaminations.

(2). Food and beverage industry: Quinine capsules can also be applied in the food and beverage industry, and its main uses include:
(3). Beverage additive: Quinine can be used as a bitterness agent to give beverages a bitter taste and is used to make bitter drinks.
(4). Food seasoning: Quinine can also be used in the seasoning of some foods to add special flavors to the food.
(5). Cosmetics field: In the beauty care products field, quinine can be utilized in a few skincare items and beauty care products, with specific impacts, for example, cell reinforcement, calming, and antibacterial impacts.

5.Production Process

(1). Raw material preparation: The first step in producing quinine hydrochloride is to prepare the raw materials. The fundamental wellspring of quinine is the bark of Cinchona tree, so it is important to gather the bark of Cinchona tree as unrefined substance. The gathered bark needs to go through starter handling and treatment to eliminate contaminations and guarantee that the nature of the unrefined substances meets the necessities.
(2). Extraction of quinine: Subsequent to setting up the unrefined components, the following stage is to remove quinine. Generally, dissolvable extraction is utilized to splash the bark of Cinchona trees and concentrate quinine from the bark utilizing natural solvents. The separated fluid will contain quinine parts.
(3). Concentration and crystallization: The extracted quinine solution needs to be concentrated and crystallized. By heating or evaporating, the solvent in the solution is removed to gradually concentrate quinine, ultimately forming the powder. Then, the powder will go through a crystallization cycle to get an unadulterated quinine gem.
(4). Drying and crushing: The obtained quinine crystals need to be dried to remove residual moisture and ensure the stability and preservation of the powder. Subsequently, the dried quinine crystals were crushed to obtain the final product.
(5). Packaging and quality inspection: Finally, the powder is packaged, usually using sealed packaging to ensure product quality and safety. Before packaging, quality inspection is also required to ensure that the powder meets relevant standards and regulations.

quinine capsules

6.Our Factory

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of plant extracts, with advanced production equipment and technology, including supercritical fluid extraction equipment, reverse osmosis membrane separation equipment, vacuum concentration equipment, etc., capable of achieving efficient and environmentally friendly plant extraction and separation processes. We have laid out an extensive quality administration framework, rigorously executed worldwide standard creation working methodology (SOPs), and passed ISO9001 quality administration framework certificate to guarantee that each bunch of items fulfills the strictest quality guidelines. Our industrial facility has an accomplished and exceptionally proficient group, including botanists, compound specialists, extraction designers, and quality controllers. They are focused on exploring and growing new extraction cycles to guarantee item quality and steadiness. We can give customized client customization administrations, tweak the creation of plant extricates as per client needs, and offer specialized help and arrangements.

Quinine powder


7. Our certificate

Our plant has total item declarations, including food creation permit, sanitation accreditation, Halal certificate, Fit confirmation, ISO affirmation, etc.

Quinine capsule

8. Packaging:

Quinine Powder Supplier:

Bulk Quinine General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

Quinine bulk

9. Logistics:

Our manufacturing plant helps out different planned operations suppliers, including ocean cargo, airship cargo, expedited shipment, and so forth., with low transportation expenses and significant expense adequacy.

Quinine Powder

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