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Product Introduction


Gromwell root is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. Gromwell root is the dry root of the perennial herbaceous comfrey, Xinjiang comfrey, which belongs to the wild. It is the same as comfrey, and is also called zidan, purple jasmine, ground blood, etc. The comfrey root is the root of comfrey, comfrey, new Tibetan comfrey or Yunnan comfrey. Usually digging the roots between April-May or September-October, removing the remaining stems and soil, and drying them in the sun or under a slight fire will become the comfrey roots we usually see.

There is a poignant legend about GROMWELL ROOT. According to legend, there was a couple who were in love in the small town long ago. Suddenly one day, the girl got a sickness, she couldn't wake up, and the medicine was in vain. The boy prayed to the Buddha every day, hoping that the girl would wake up as soon as possible. Day by day, when the boy’s knees were bleeding, the Buddha was finally moved. He asked the boy, "Are you willing to save her with your own life?" The boy agreed without hesitation, and the Buddha said, "Here is one. A grass, you must water it with your own blood every day. When it blooms, drink the soup boiled by its purple roots, and the girl’s disease will heal.” The boy was very happy, and cut his wrists to take blood to water the grass every day. Take care of it carefully. The four seasons change. In the midsummer, the grass finally bloomed with purple flowers. The dying boy excitedly dug out the purple roots, and boiled soup for the girl to drink. The girl woke up, but the boy closed his eyes forever with a happy smile. According to legend, this grass watered with blood is Gromwell.


Product Name Gromwell Extract Appearance Purple Red Powder
Specification 98% Active ingredients Shikonin
MOQ 1KG Service OEM/OD One-stop service



(1).Anti-pathogenic microorganism effect

Shikonin has obvious antibacterial effects on Escherichia coli, Typhoid Bacillus, Shigella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

(2).Anti-inflammatory effect

Lithospermum extract has a certain anti-inflammatory effect. Shikonin and acetylshikonin are made into an ointment. Topical administration can significantly inhibit inflammation such as hyperpermeability of blood vessels and edema. It can still increase granulation growth and promote wound healing.

(3).Effect on the cardiovascular system

The comfrey produced in Xinjiang has obvious excitatory effects on the in vivo heart of healthy rabbits and the isolated heart of toads

(4).Contraceptive effect

Comfrey produced in Yunnan has a significant effect on reducing fertility. It can still restore fertility after stopping the drug. It is an effective anti-fertility agent. It can terminate pregnancy regardless of whether it is administered before implantation or during early pregnancy.

(5).Anti-tumor effect

Experiments show that: Shikonin can inhibit the growth of ascites sarcoma 180 cells. Shikonin has a certain radiosensitizing effect on liver cancer and Lewis lung cancer.

(6).Effect on the smooth muscle of the digestive tract

It can relieve the spasm and pain of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. In Chinese medicine, comfrey is commonly used to treat blood dysentery. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it may also be related to antispasmodic effects.

(7).Effect on blood clotting

Intraperitoneal injection of shikonin components (shikonin, acetylshikonin) does not affect the blood clotting time, but can prevent the anticoagulant effect of heparin. This effect can antagonize blood coagulation inhibitors and promote thrombosis such as venous tumors.

(8).Hypoglycemic effect

The comfrey polysaccharides A, B, C (Lithopermana) (A, B, C) obtained from hard comfrey can effectively lower blood sugar.

(9).Beauty effect

Comfrey has significant acne-removing and anti-inflammatory effects, and has great beauty value, and many cosmetic brands are using it.

4. Application

(1). Skin Care: Gromwell root extract is added to many skin care products such as creams, masks, lotions and serums. It is believed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, helping to reduce skin inflammation, redness and sensitivity, while also lightening spots and brightening the skin.

(2). Medicinal Uses: In traditional herbal medicine, comfrey root is used to treat a variety of skin diseases and inflammations, such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne. shikonin can be made into ointments or potions for external use to treat skin problems.

(3). Oral Care: shikonin powder is also found in some oral care products, and is said to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent oral problems such as gingivitis and mouth ulcers.

(4). Natural Dyes: Comfrey root can also be used as a natural dye for dyeing textiles and food, among other uses. Its extract is often used to dye textiles, giving them a red or purple color.

5. Production Process

(1). Raw material collection: First, you need to collect comfrey root as raw material. Comfrey root is the root of the comfrey plant, usually collected during the plant's growing season. The collected comfrey root needs to undergo preliminary processing, such as cleaning and removing impurities.

(2). Grinding and crushing: The collected comfrey root needs to be ground and crushed to improve the extraction efficiency. This step can usually be done mechanically or chemically.

(3). Solvent extraction: Comfrey root powder is usually extracted by solvent extraction. Commonly used solvents include ethanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, etc. The comfrey root powder is mixed with the solvent, stirred and heated so that the active ingredients can be dissolved in the solvent.

(4). Extraction process: After the solvent is mixed with the comfrey root powder, an extraction process is carried out for a certain period of time to ensure that the active ingredients are fully dissolved in the solvent.

(5). Filtration and concentration: After the extraction process is completed, the mixture needs to be filtered to remove solid residues and impurities. Then, the filtrate is concentrated, usually by evaporating the solvent, to obtain a relatively pure extract.

(6). Purification and separation: The extract may contain a variety of compounds, so further purification and separation steps are required to improve the purity and content of active ingredients. This may involve the use of column chromatography, gel filtration, crystallization and other techniques.

(7). Drying and pulverization: Finally, the obtained extract needs to be dried to remove residual moisture and obtain a powdered extract. This can extend the shelf life of the extract and facilitate subsequent preparation and use.

6. Our Factory

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specialized in extracting active ingredients from natural plants, committed to extracting pure and efficient active ingredients from abundant natural plants, providing high-quality raw materials for industries such as medicine, health products, cosmetics, and food. We have advanced production equipment and a technical team, committed to providing customers with high-quality plant extract products. By adopting advanced supercritical fluid extraction technology, ultrasonic extraction technology, microwave extraction technology, etc., the extraction process is ensured to be efficient and pure, while retaining the activity and stability of plant active ingredients. We strictly follow GMP standards and have established a comprehensive quality management system. All production processes are strictly monitored to ensure stable and reliable product quality. We adhere to the business philosophy of "honest cooperation and quality first", and are committed to providing customized plant extraction solutions to meet the needs of customers in different fields.

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7. Our Certificate

Our factory has complete product certificates, and our products meet national standards to ensure product quality. We can provide proof of raw material procurement, including information on the source, procurement channels, quality inspection reports, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control point certification), etc., to ensure that our products meet food safety standards.

Shikonin 98%

8. Packaging:

Gromwell Root Extract Powder Supplier:

Shikonin Powder General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

Note: We can supply Shikonin supplements. Our factory also can supply OEM/ODM One-stop service, we have professional team to help you design packaging and labels, we can meet various customization needs of customers. If you want to learn more, you can send e-mail to or WhatsAPP.

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9. Logistics:

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

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