Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder

Latin Name:Tribulus P.E.
Appearance:Brown Yellow powder
Specification:30%-45%,or customized service allowed
Active ingredient:tribulus terrestris saponins
Test Method: HPLC/TLC/UV/GC
Shelf life:2 Years
OEM: Capsule,table
Packing: 1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber drum
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment
Payment Method:Wire Transfer(T/T),Western Union,Money Gram,Alipay
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Product Introduction

1. What Is Tribulus Extract?

Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder is a characteristic home grown product extricated from the plant Cocklebur. It is a typical herbaceous plant generally circulated in Asia, North America, and Europe. It has a place with the composite family plant, with red products of the soil leaves.The product of The product is predominantly gotten by removing portions of the plant, like roots, stems, leaves, or natural products. The extraction cycle normally utilizes water, ethanol, or different solvents to separate dynamic fixings from plants. The product of the product available can be isolated into two structures: relative concentrate and content concentrate. Relative concentrate alludes to the product ready by blending in a proper extent, with normal details of 10:1, 20:1, and so forth. Content concentrate, for example, it 40%, is generally utilized in the drug field, like fixings in customary Chinese medication recipes, drug arrangements, wellbeing products, and home grown supplements.

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2. Product Display

Product Name

Tribulus terrestris Extract




Brown Yellow powder

Active ingredient


Test Method




Tribulus terrestris Extract

3. Active Ingredient

(1). Cocklebur Saponin: It is the super dynamic fixing in the concentrate of the product, and has antibacterial, calming, and against cancer impacts.

(2). Flavonoids: The concentrate of the product contains various flavonoids, for example, isorhamnetin, lutein, and so on. These mixtures typically have cancer prevention agent, mitigating, antibacterial and different impacts.

(3). Polysaccharides: The concentrate of the product additionally contains polysaccharide compounds, like polysaccharides, gelatin, and so forth, which have cell reinforcement and safe administrative impacts.

4. Benefits

(1).Antibacterial effect:Pure Tribulus terrestris extract contains the dynamic fixing the product , which has antibacterial action and can restrain the development of various microbes, growths and infections. It has specific potential for the treatment of irresistible sicknesses.

(2). Calming impact: The flavonoids in the concentrate of the product make mitigating impacts, which can repress fiery responses, diminish tissue harm, and significantly affect provocative related sicknesses like rheumatoid joint pain and incendiary gut illness.

(3). Hostile to cancer impact: research shows that the dynamic fixings in the product can repress the expansion and development of growth cells, prompt apoptosis of cancer cells, and significantly affect a few diseases.

(4). Cancer prevention agent impact: The flavonoids and polysaccharides in the concentrate of the product have cancer prevention agent movement, which can wipe out free extremists, lighten cell harm brought about by oxidative pressure, postpone the maturing system, and meaningfully affect cardiovascular illnesses, neurodegenerative sicknesses, and different infections.

(5). Resistant guideline: Polysaccharides in the product can manage the capability of the safe framework, upgrade the invulnerability of the body, work on the action of safe cells and the development of antibodies, and affect low safe capability, irresistible sicknesses, and so forth.

5. Application

It Is Generally Utilized In Medical services Products,Food Enhancements.
(1).Pharmaceutical field: The concentrate of the product can be utilized to plan drugs, with antibacterial, mitigating, hostile to growth and different impacts. It very well may be utilized to treat irresistible sicknesses, aggravation related illnesses, cancers, and so on. For instance, the concentrate of the product can be made into an oral fluid, container, or skin salve for the treatment of relating illnesses.

(2). In the field of skincare products: Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder has cell reinforcement, mitigating, and antibacterial impacts, which are useful for the skin. It very well may be utilized to plan skin health management products, for example, face cream, salve, facial cover, and so on, which can lessen aggravation, further develop skin tone, clean pores, and so on, and help to keep the skin solid and delightful.

(3). Utilitarian food field: It is wealthy in cell reinforcements and polysaccharides, which can be utilized to plan useful food sources. For instance, the concentrate of the product can be added to wellbeing food varieties, dietary enhancements, refreshments, and so on, which has impacts, for example, upgrading insusceptibility, further developing absorption, and antioxidation, which is useful for keeping up with wellbeing.

(4). Feed field: Adding concentrate of the product to specific creature feed can build the dietary benefit of the feed, work on the development, improvement, and wellbeing status of creatures. Moreover, the dynamic fixings in the concentrate of the product additionally make antibacterial impacts, which can decrease illnesses brought about by contamination in creatures.

(5). Environmental horticulture: As a characteristic plant separate,tribulus terrestris root extractcan be applied in biological farming for plant security and soil improvement in natural horticulture. The concentrate of the product is wealthy in dynamic fixings, which can repress the development of nuisances and microbes, and diminish the utilization of pesticides.

6. Flow Chart

1. The first restorative materials of the product (20%) creation process are squashed, separated with water, centrifuged, and focused under decreased pressure; The fluid concentrate is dried by splash, went through a 60-80 lattice strainer, blended and bundled to get a completed product. This interaction is reasonable for the creation of 20% the product, and the yield is around 8%.

2. The creation cycle of the product (40%) is to squash the first restorative materials into coarse powder, add a specific convergence of ethanol for reflux extraction, separate the concentrate, channel the ethanol extricate, recuperate it until it has no liquor taste, discharge the concentrated arrangement, centrifugate it, concentrate the outward arrangement, dry the stream remove by splash, pass the dry powder through the 60~80 lattice strainer, and bundle it to get the completed product. This interaction is material to the development of the substance book concentrate of the product natural product containing 40.0% of the product, and the yield is 10.0%~12.0%.

3. Extraction of the product L. - Division test with macroporous adsorption pitch. The product L. (cut into around 3~5cm sections) was extricated with 6~8 seasons of water and 70% ethanol as the extraction dissolvable: reflux extraction for multiple times, each time for 2h, 1h, 1h, channel while hot, and consolidate the filtrate. After the filtrate chills off (ethanol extricate recuperates ethanol and adds water to the first volume), apply macroporous adsorption sap, wash with water until the variety is light, and afterward elute with half ethanol at a stream pace of 3~5ml/min, de-pressurize the eluant (multiple times the sum) to recuperate ethanol until it is finished, place the concentrate in a vacuum drying bureau and dry it.

7. Company PROFILE.

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd work in the R and D, creation and deals of normal plant separates; Programming interface; Corrective Natural substances; nutrient series; With almost 15 years of involvement with ID, exploration, advancement and creation of plant restorative dynamic fixings, it centers around giving imaginative products and administrations to clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products, feed and different ventures.

Tribulus terrestris Extract Powder


Our factory has complete product certificates, and our products meet national standards to ensure product quality. We can provide proof of raw material procurement, including information on the source, procurement channels, quality inspection reports, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control point certification), etc., to ensure that our products meet food safety standards.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract wholesale


9. Our Factory

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd is a cutting edge endeavor work in the modernization, industrialization, research, improvement, creation and deals of dynamic parts of Chinese home grown medication plants. It is a logical and innovative commodity situated present day undertaking. It mostly delivers a progression of customary Chinese medication extricates with Chinese natural medication as unrefined components. High level creation innovation, thorough quality control framework and great after-deals administration make our products exceptionally practical. Following quite a while of improvement, our products are straightforwardly or in a roundabout way traded to North America, Europe and South Korea, and have been extraordinarily perceived by clients. We accept that dynamic fixings got from nature are the most ideal reason for us to serve our clients. Logical and viable creation innovation is an ideal reason for us to give our clients explicit products. We can serve our clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products and feed enterprises, give answers for new products, and enhance our clients' products.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract factory

10. Packaging:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract Supplier:

Tribulus Terrestris seed Extract Powder General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

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Tribulus Terrestris seed Extract Powder

11. Logistics:

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

Tribulus Terrestris seed Extract


Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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