Lipoic Acid


Lipoic acid has high health care function and medical value due to its antioxidant activity.


Lipoic acid, an organic compound, can be used as a coenzyme to participate in acyl transfer in material metabolism in the body, and can eliminate free radicals that lead to accelerated aging and disease. Lipoic acid enters cells after intestinal absorption in vivo, which has the characteristics of fat solubility and water solubility.

Lipoic Acid capsules

The functions of lipoic acid are as follows: (1) for the treatment of diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is a comprehensive metabolic disorder, which can be complicated by many diseases. Its pathogenesis is related to reactive free radicals and protein glycosylation. Complications of diabetes include diabetic cataract, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and diabetes induced cardiovascular disease. ② Protective effect on ischemia-reperfusion injury. When hypoxic tissue regains oxygen, due to the explosive production of free radicals, local ischemia-reperfusion injury often occurs. Lipoic acid has a good protective effect on ischemia-reperfusion injury. ③ Radiation damage resistance. Radiation injury is largely the result of systemic injury caused by a large number of free radicals produced by the body. Lipoic acid can remove a variety of reactive oxygen species and free radicals and reduce radiation damage. ④ Prevention and treatment of heavy metal poisoning. Lipoic acid can not only chelate metal ions, but also has super antioxidant activity, so it can prevent heavy metal poisoning. ⑤ Anti aging effect. Lipoic acid can not only improve the oxidation state of the elderly body, but also improve the oxidation state and metabolic enzyme activity of aging mitochondria, so as to play a role in delaying aging. Anti AIDS effects. AIDS (AIDS), also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is an immunodeficiency disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. HIV infected patients often lack various antioxidants. A new study shows that HIV positive patients receive α- Lipoic acid 150mg, three times a day, the symptoms improved greatly after 2 weeks. The concentrations of VC and glutathione increased in almost all patients, while the levels of malondialdehyde and 4-hydroxynonanal (both markers of lipid peroxidation) decreased, and the number of immune cells increased in most patients.


In addition, as long as you take enough lipoic acid, you can minimize the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin from the body, alleviate the skin damage caused by age, generate new skin, keep the skin moist, activate the body's circulation and improve the easily cold body.