Melatonine Powder

Appearance: White Powder
Specification: 99%
CAS: 73-31-4
MF: C13H16N2O2
MW: 232.28
Test Method: HPLC/TLC/UV/GC
Shelf life: 2 Years
OEM: Capsule, table
Certification: FDA/Halal/Kosher/Organic certificate
Packing: 1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber drum
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment
Payment Method: Wire Transfer(T/T), Western Union, Money Gram, Alipay
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Product Introduction

1. What is Melatonine?

Melatonine powder is a crucial regular chemical in the human body. It controls and influences the emission of other various chemicals. At the point when melatonin diminishes in the body, different elements of the body will be impacted, and different sicknesses will follow. Research shows that the discharge of melatonin in the human body starts to diminish after middle age, and its emission has been somewhat messed up in advanced age. Take and supplement sufficient melatonin straightaway, which can work on the capability of endocrine framework, further develop resistance, work on the capability of against pressure and hostile to oxidation, further develop rest, dial back the maturing pace of human body, and dial back the corruption pace of sexual organs; Melatonin can likewise help forestall and fix disease, particularly for constant sleep deprivation.

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2. Product Display

Product Name

Melatonin powder




White Powder

CAS 73-31-4

Test Method




Melatonin powder

3. Benefits

1. Powder melatonin can further develop rest, which is the most notable capability. It can abbreviate an opportunity to rest, decrease the quantity of renewals in rest, and improve the nature of rest. You can likewise take melatonin to change the stream slack.

2. Melatonine Powder itself has a generally cozy relationship with human invulnerability. It can assist with integrating a few parts of human insusceptible cells, and can likewise manage the exercises of different cytokines, to upgrade the safe limit of the human body.

3. Antitumor is one of the significant impacts of melatonin, which can safeguard DNA from harm and hinder cell carcinogenesis. Furthermore, it likewise affects cancer.

4. Melatonin tablets have cancer prevention agent impacts.

4. Application


Pure melatonin Powder is generally utilized in Wellbeing food, medication, a wide range of beauty care products, supporting and nursing items.

1. Melatonin and spot evacuation, normal brightening: Melatonin can brighten the skin. It can control human endocrine, eliminate melanin brought about by dark spots, decrepit spots, chloasma, pregnancy spots and sun radiation, make skin white, clammy and reestablish energetic appearance.

2. Really further develop rest: legitimate supplementation of melatonin can actually further develop rest quality.

3. Drawing out life: Melatonin is the main high-productive endogenous cell reinforcement in the cerebrum, which defensively affects the mind. Along these lines, melatonin is a significant enemy of maturing chemical.

4. Upkeep and upgrade of sexual capability: melatonin supplementation can work on sexual capability of moderately aged and older individuals with maturing, actual downfall, energy decline and diminished charisma.

5. Stream Graph: Melatonin exists in the pineal organ of mammalian cerebrum. For the most part, the pineal organ of cow-like mind is freeze-dried, ground into powder, eliminated fat with oil ether, and blended in with deionized water to shape a slurry. After centrifugation, the supernatant is taken, and removed with equivalent volume of ethyl acetic acid derivation. The concentrate is dried in vacuum to get white rough melatonin powder bulk, and afterward recrystallized to get top notch items.

5. Company Profile

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd work in the R and D, creation and deals of normal plant extricates; API; Restorative Unrefined substances; nutrient series; With almost 15 years of involvement with recognizable proof, examination, advancement and creation of plant restorative dynamic fixings, it centers around giving imaginative items and administrations to clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products, feed and different businesses.

Melatonine capsules

7. Our Factory

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd is a cutting edge endeavor work in the modernization, industrialization, research, improvement, creation and deals of dynamic parts of Chinese home grown medication plants. It is a logical and mechanical commodity situated present day undertaking. It primarily creates a progression of conventional Chinese medication separates with Chinese home grown medication as unrefined components. High level creation innovation, thorough quality control framework and great after-deals administration make our items exceptionally savvy. Following quite a while of improvement, our items are straightforwardly or by implication sent out to North America, Europe and South Korea, and have been enormously perceived by clients. We accept that dynamic fixings got from nature are an ideal reason for us to serve our clients. Logical and viable creation innovation is an ideal reason for us to give our clients explicit items. We can serve our clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products and feed businesses, give answers for new items, and enhance our clients' items.

Melatonine Powder factory

8. Our Certificate

Our factory has complete product certificates, and our products meet national standards to ensure product quality. We can provide proof of raw material procurement, including information on the source, procurement channels, quality inspection reports, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control point certification), etc., to ensure that our products meet food safety standards.

Melatonine Powder supplier


Melatonine Powder Supplier:

Melatonine Bulk Powder General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

Note: We can supply Melatonine capsules or Melatonine supplements. Our factory also can supply OEM/ODM One-stop service, we have professional team to help you design packaging and labels, we can meet various customization needs of customers. If you want to learn more, you can send e-mail to or WhatsAPP.

Melatonine Powder BULK

10. Logistics:

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

Melatonine Powder PRICE

11. FAQ

Melatonine Powder

12. Why choose us?

  • Our team of experts can provide technical support and assistance throughout the product development process.
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