Noopept Powder

Appearance : White powder
Chemical Formula: C17H22N2O4
Molecular Weight: 318.37
Test Method: HPLCMOQ: 1kg
Shelf life:2 Years
OEM: CapsulePacking: 10g,50g,100g,1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber drum
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days after payment
Payment Method:Wire Transfer(T/T),Western Union,Money Gram,Alipay
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Product Introduction

1. What is Noopept?

Noopept Powder is an intelligent drug widely used as a cognitive enhancer and neuroprotective agent. Its sub-atomic design is like glucose, which makes it more straightforward for it to cross the blood-cerebrum boundary, enter the mind, and capability. It is usually sold in powder form for users to adjust dosage and prepare according to their needs. Xi'an ZB Biotech Co.,Ltd Noopept products are made from high-purity raw materials and processed through strict production processes to ensure product purity and quality stability. We focus on product quality control and adopt advanced production technology and quality inspection methods to ensure that each batch of products meets the strictest standards and regulations.Our Noopept products are available for individual users, drug manufacturers, and research institutions to use. We are focused on giving clients great items and administrations to address the issues of various fields. Our items go through severe quality control and testing to guarantee consistence with significant guidelines and norms, guaranteeing the security and wellbeing of our clients. As an expert Noopept provider, we give items, yet in addition offer important specialized help and counseling administrations to assist customers with better comprehension and utilize our items. Our group is made out of experienced experts who can give designated arrangements and backing to clients, guaranteeing that they can accomplish the best outcomes while utilizing our items. We always adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer first", providing customers with high-quality Nooopt products and services.

2. Product Dispaly


Product Name noopept powder Purity 99%
CAS 157115-85-0 MW 318.37
MF C17H22N2O4 Form Powder

noopept powder

3. Production Process

(1). Raw material procurement: Firstly, high-purity chemical raw materials need to be purchased as raw materials for the preparation of Nooopt Powder. The quality and purity of raw materials have a significant impact on the quality of the final product, so it is necessary to choose reliable suppliers and conduct strict quality inspections on the raw materials.

(2). Synthesis reaction: The purchased raw materials are synthesized according to specific formulas and processes. This step requires strict control of reaction conditions, including temperature, pressure, reaction time, and other parameters, to ensure that the reaction can proceed efficiently and obtain pure products.

(3). Crystallization and Separation: The mixture obtained through the synthesis reaction needs to be crystallized and separated to separate the target product Nooopt Powder. Usually, solvent crystallization, cooling crystallization, or crystallization precipitation are used for separation and purification.

(4). Drying and crushing: The separated Noopet Powder needs to be dried to remove residual solvents and ensure its stability. Subsequently, pulverization or micronization treatment is carried out to obtain the desired powder form of Noopeet.

(5). Packaging and storage: Finally, the produced Noopeet Powder is packaged, usually in sealed packaging to avoid moisture and oxidation. At the same time, it is necessary to indicate the production date, batch number, specifications and other information, and carry out strict quality control and recording to ensure the quality and traceability of the product.

4. Benefits

(1). Improving cognitive ability: Buy noopept Powder  can promote the growth and differentiation of brain neurons, enhance the connections between neurons, and improve cognitive, learning, and memory abilities.

(2). Relieve anxiety and depression: Noopept can regulate the balance of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, and alleviate emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

(3). Improving sleep quality: Noopept can promote the depth and quality of sleep, alleviate sleep problems such as insomnia.

(4). Boosting immunity: Noopept has certain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects, which can enhance the body's immune system.

(5). Improving antioxidant capacity: Noopept can reduce the production of free radicals, increase the antioxidant capacity of cells, and protect the body from oxidative damage.

5. Application

(1). Learning and academic fields: Many students and scholars use it to enhance their learning and memory abilities, enhance focus and attention, and better cope with academic challenges.

(2). Work and career fields: In professions that require high concentration and cognitive activity, such as programmers, engineers, designers, etc., Noopept capsules can help improve work efficiency and creativity.

(3). In the field of elderly health and anti-aging: As people age, their brain function may decline. Noopept is used by some people to maintain and promote elderly health, prevent cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

(4). In the field of mental health and emotional management: Noopept is considered to have the potential for anti anxiety and anti depression, so it may be applied in mental health treatment to assist in alleviating emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

(5). Sports and Sports: Some athletes use Noopept to improve reaction speed, attention, and motor coordination, thereby improving athletic performance.

6. Company Profile

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co.,LTD is a professional factory that produces plant extracts and cosmetic raw materials. In addition to those two types of products, we also have probiotics, food additives, vitamins, and API products. Our products support testing, quality assurance, comply with international standards, support customization, and meet various customer needs.

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7. Our Certificate

Our factory has complete product certificates, and our products meet national standards to ensure product quality. We can provide proof of raw material procurement, including information on the source, procurement channels, quality inspection reports, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control point certification), etc., to ensure that our products meet food safety standards.

Noopept Powder supplier


8. Our Factory

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specialized in extracting active ingredients from natural plants, committed to extracting pure and efficient active ingredients from abundant natural plants, providing high-quality raw materials for industries such as medicine, health products, cosmetics, and food. We have advanced production equipment and a technical team, committed to providing customers with high-quality plant extract products. By adopting advanced supercritical fluid extraction technology, ultrasonic extraction technology, microwave extraction technology, etc., the extraction process is ensured to be efficient and pure, while retaining the activity and stability of plant active ingredients. We strictly follow GMP standards and have established a comprehensive quality management system. All production processes are strictly monitored to ensure stable and reliable product quality. We adhere to the business philosophy of "honest cooperation and quality first", and are committed to providing customized plant extraction solutions to meet the needs of customers in different fields.


Noopept Powder factory

9. Packaging:

Noopept Powder Supplier:

Noopept Bulk Powder General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

Note: We can supply Noopept capsules or Noopept supplements. Our factory also can supply OEM/ODM One-stop service, we have professional team to help you design packaging and labels, we can meet various customization needs of customers. If you want to learn more, you can send e-mail to or WhatsAPP.

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10. Logistics:

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

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11. FAQ

Noopept Powder

12. Why choose us?

  • We have a strong commitment to innovation and are always researching new products and techniques to improve our offerings.
  • Every enterprise with a century old dream needs employees with one heart and one mind. Every corner is permeated with the essence of corporate culture, and our company's vision is to lead the industry trend and achieve a century old enterprise.
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  • In order to develop a broader market, we are constantly working on the development and promotion of our Noopept Powder.
  • We can customize our products to meet your specific needs, and we have the flexibility to fulfill both small and large orders.
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