Elderberry Extract Powder

Appearance:Purple red powder
Specification:Anthocyanidins 25%/Flavone 5%
Active ingredient:Anthocyanidins
Test Method: HPLC/TLC/UV/GC
Shelf life:2 Years
OEM: Capsule,table
Packing: 1kg/ aluminum foil paper bag
25kg/ fiber drum
Packaging can also be customized according to requirements
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment
Payment Method:Wire Transfer(T/T),Western Union,Money Gram,Alipay
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Product Introduction

1. What is Elderberry Extract?

Elderberry Extract Powder is a characteristic concentrate got from the product of elderberry, which is profoundly esteemed for its rich healthy benefit and one of a kind flavor. The items are painstakingly refined and handled to give you top notch regular supplements. We take on cutting edge creation processes to guarantee the extraction of the most perfect and greatest dynamic fixings from the products of elderberry, to meet your wellbeing and tasty requirements. It is plentiful in various nutrients, minerals, and cell reinforcements, giving an optimal decision to your everyday dietary enhancement. Through cautious handling and extraction, it saves the normal flavor and supplements of elderberry organic products, presenting to you an unadulterated and new taste insight. Not just that, our items likewise go through severe quality control to guarantee consistence with the most elevated hygiene principles and security necessities.It can be widely applied in fields such as food, beverages, and health products, adding unique flavor and nutritional value to products. Its diverse uses make it one of the preferred raw materials for many food and health product manufacturers.

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2. Product Display

Product Name

Elderberry extract




Purple powder

Active ingredient


Test Method




Elderberry Extract

3. Specification

(1). 10-15% purity: This is a lower immaculateness level and is normally utilized as an added substance in certain food varieties and drinks to improve the natural flavor and dietary benefit of black elderberry extract .

(2). 20-30% purity: This is a medium purity level suitable for various fields. It can be used in health products, nutritional supplements, and some medications to provide a higher proportion of active ingredients.

(3). 40-50% purity: This is a higher purity level and is commonly used in high-end health and pharmaceutical products. It contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, which can provide stronger efficacy.

4. Production Process

(1). Raw material collection: Select mature elderberry fruits as raw materials and ensure their quality and freshness.

(2). Cleaning and seed removal: Wash the collected elderberry fruits to remove impurities. Then, remove the seeds from the fruit, usually using specialized equipment or manual operations.

(3). Crushing and soaking: Crush the seeded fruit to increase its surface area. Then, the fruit is placed in a soaking tank, usually using water or solvent to extract the active ingredients.

(4). Extraction: The fruit in the soaking tank is in full contact with water or solvent to transfer the active ingredients into the liquid. This process can utilize different extraction techniques, like water extraction, dissolvable extraction, or supercritical liquid extraction.

(5). Filtration and clarification: Filter the extract to remove solid particles and impurities. Then, the suspension and sediment are further removed through the clarification process.

(6). Concentration: Concentrate the clarified extract to reduce volume and increase the concentration of active ingredients. This can be achieved through evaporation, vacuum concentration, or other concentration methods.

(7). Drying: Dry the concentrated extract to remove excess water and turn the product into a dry powder.

(8). Crushing and packaging: Crush the dried extract to achieve the required particle size. Then, the powdered bulk elderberry extract is packaged, usually in a sealed container or bag.

5. Benefits

(1). Antioxidant effect: Elderberry fruit Extract Powder is rich in polyphenolic compounds, for example, anthocyanins and flavonoids, which have solid cantioxidant effects, assisting with killing free revolutionaries and dial back cell oxidative harm, which is advantageous for keeping up with actual wellbeing.
(2). Immune regulation: Research has shown that it contains different gainful parts for the insusceptible framework, which can assist with improving the body's immune function, upgrade resistance, and battle respiratory infections like colds and influenza.
(3). Anti viral effect: It is considered to have antiviral potential, which can inhibit virus replication and invasion, and has a certain inhibitory effect on influenza viruses and other viruses, helping to prevent and alleviate viral infections.
(4). Anti inflammatory effect: It contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory effects, which can help alleviate inflammatory reactions and alleviate inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and skin inflammation.
(5). Cardiovascular wellbeing: The anthocyanins in it are thought of as useful for cardiovascular wellbeing, assisting with bringing down pulse, further develop blood flow, and forestall cardiovascular sicknesses like atherosclerosis.
(6). Antioxidant: The anthocyanins in it are thought of as useful for cardiovascular wellbeing, assisting with bringing down blood pressure, further develop blood flow, and forestall cardiovascular sicknesses like atherosclerosis.
(7). Anti allergic: Some studies have shown that it may help alleviate allergic symptoms such as rhinitis and allergic asthma, and combat allergic reactions.

6. Application

Elderberry Extract Powder Is Widely Used In Health Care Products,Food Additives And Cosmetic Field.

(1). Wellbeing items: Elderberry extract is generally utilized in wellbeing items to improve resistance, upgrade invulnerability, and advance by and large wellbeing. It tends to be drunk by individuals as capsules, tablets, fluids, or powders.
(2). Medicine: Because of its antiviral, mitigating, and antioxidant properties, elderberry remove has turned into a typical ingredient in the assembling of medications. It is utilized in the treatment of colds, flu, and other respiratory problems.
(3). Food added substance: Elderberry extract can be utilized as a characteristic added substance in food and drinks. It tends to be added to juice, frozen yogurt, jam, cakes, tea, and honey to increment healthy benefit and taste.
(4). Beauty products: Elderberry extract is utilized in the assembling of beauty care products and skincare items, as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory assist with further developing skin condition, decrease inflammatory reactions, and keep up with young and sound skin.
(5). Beverages: Elderberry extract is likewise usually used to make different drinks, like Elderberry tea, Elderberry juice, and Elderberry wine. These beverages can give warmth and alleviation during winter, while likewise upgrading resistance.

7. Company PROFILE.

Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd specializing in the R & D, production and sales of natural plant extracts; API; Cosmetic Raw Materials; vitamin series; With nearly 15 years of experience in identification, research, development and production of plant medicinal active ingredients, it centers around giving imaginative items and administrations to clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products, feed and different enterprises.

Elderberry fruit Extract


Our factory has complete product certificates, and our products meet national standards to ensure product quality. We can provide proof of raw material procurement, including information on the source, procurement channels, quality inspection reports, ISO 9001 quality management system certification, HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control point certification), etc., to ensure that our products meet food safety standards.

Elderberry fruit Extract Powder


Xi'an ZB Biotech Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise specializing in the modernization, industrialization, research, development, production and sales of active components of Chinese herbal medicine plants. It is a scientific and technological export-oriented modern enterprise. It mainly produces a series of traditional Chinese medicine extracts with Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials. Advanced production technology, rigorous quality control system and good after-sales service make our products very cost-effective.Following quite a while of improvement, our items are straightforwardly or by implication traded to North America, Europe and South Korea, and have been incredibly perceived by clients. We accept that dynamic fixings got from nature are the most ideal reason for us to serve our clients. Logical and viable creation innovation is the most ideal reason for us to give our clients explicit items. We can serve our clients in the wellbeing food, beauty care products and feed ventures, give answers for new items, and enhance our clients' items.

Elderberry Extract Powder factory

10. Packaging:

Elderberry Extract Supplier:

Elderberry Extract Powder General packaging:

1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)

2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)

3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

Note: We can supply Elderberry Extract capsules or Elderberry Extract supplements. Our factory also can supply OEM/ODM One-stop service, we have professional team to help you design packaging and labels, we can meet various customization needs of customers. If you want to learn more, you can send e-mail to Jessica@xazbbio.com or WhatsAPP.

Elderberry Extract capsules

11. Logistics:

We have various logistics methods such as sea freight, air freight, and express delivery, and we have cooperative logistics providers. The factory directly ships the goods, with fast delivery speed, cheap shipping costs, short time consumption, and good packaging quality.

Elderberry Extract bulk


Xi'anZB Biotech Co.,Ltd is elderberry fruit extract supplier, our factory can supply OEM/ODM One-stop service, including custom packaging,Labels and Logo.

Elderberry Extract Powder

13. Why Choose Us?

Our products are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure consistent quality.
The company has a series of technicians, engineers, and sales and after-sales service personnel, forming a high-quality, young and innovative team. We always adhere to the tenet of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, and honest management", and continue to provide customers with reliable Elderberry Extract and perfect services, and pursue common development and create success together.
We invest wholeheartedly in conveying items that meet or surpass our clients' assumptions.
Our business philosophy is to contribute to creating a brighter future and realizing a better society.
Our extensive expertise in the herbal items industry permits us to offer extraordinary items and administrations.
Our company focuses on personalized customization, independent research and development.
We invest heavily in involving hands down the best ingredients in our items to guarantee their quality.
We hope our employees are honest, take honesty as virtue, actively integrate into the organization, respect and adhere to the fine tradition and working system of the enterprise.
We invest heavily in our capacity to offer remarkable assistance to our clients.
Our vision is to significantly enhance our ability to create integrated economic, social and environmental value, and to significantly improve our social communication and operational transparency.If you intereste in Elderberry Extract Powder,you can send e-mail to Jessica@xazbbio.com or WhatsAPP +86 18591943808.