Astaxanthin - The Key To Unlocking The Secrets Of Health And Beauty


In today's European and American markets, people are increasingly paying attention to health and beauty. Among numerous nutritional and health products, astaxanthin has become a highly sought after star product due to its unique efficacy and highlights.

1. Source of astaxanthin:

The main sources of natural astaxanthin powder are deep-sea red shrimp, wheat germ, algae, and certain microorganisms.

(1). Deep sea red shrimp: Deep sea red shrimp is one of the main sources of astaxanthin. They are rich in astaxanthin, especially in the head and shell. The content is usually within the range of 1-2%.

(2). Algae: Some algae, such as microalgae and green algae, can also produce astaxanthin, especially the type of algae, Haematococcus pluvialis, which has a high content.The content of astaxanthin in algae is often low, typically between 0.1 and 0.5%.

(3). Wheat germ: Wheat germ also contains a small amount of astaxanthin. The content of astaxanthin is relatively low.

(4). Certain microorganisms: astaxanthin powder bulk can also be synthesized by certain microorganisms.

Astaxanthin powder

2.Specification & Application

(1). High content astaxanthin: High content pure astaxanthin powder products are suitable for the health product industry, mainly used for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune system regulation and other functions. This type of product is generally sold in capsules or tablets for human oral use. Conventional specifications can reach a content of 5%, 10%, or higher.

(2). Moderate content astaxanthin: Moderate content astaxanthin products are widely used in the cosmetics industry. They are often added to facial skincare products, lotion, essence and other products for whitening, anti wrinkle, sunscreen and other functions. The conventional specifications are generally between 1% -3%.

(3). Low content astaxanthin: Low content astaxanthin products are suitable for the food processing industry. Astaxanthin, as a natural pigment, can provide food with a bright red color and give the product additional nutritional value. The conventional specifications in food are generally within the range of 0.01% -0.1%.

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3. Highlights of astaxanthin

(1). Pure natural source: astaxanthin bulk powder is extracted from natural organisms such as deep-sea red shrimp, without any artificial additives or chemical components, fully in line with the pursuit of natural and green products in the European and American markets.

(2). Excellent stability: The molecular structure of astaxanthin makes it have good stability and is not susceptible to light, heat and oxygen, thus ensuring the quality and efficacy of the product.

(3). Highly absorbable: Astaxanthin, as a fat soluble compound, can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body, ensuring its maximum effectiveness in the body.

(4). Multiple application methods: Astaxanthin can be applied orally, externally, and other ways to meet the different needs of consumers.

4. astaxanthin Benefits

Astaxanthin is derived from small molecule pigment compounds and mainly exists in organisms such as deep-sea red shrimp. It is a powerful antioxidant that can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body, prevent oxidative damage to cells, and thus delay the aging process of cells. Astaxanthin also has significant anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce inflammatory reactions and maintain physical health.

In addition, wholesale astaxanthin powder is widely regarded as a natural beauty and beauty product. It can improve the skin's antioxidant capacity, reduce melanin deposition caused by ultraviolet radiation, and promote skin brightness and transparency. At the same time, astaxanthin can also help improve eye health, reduce the damage of Macula, and protect vision.

Astaxanthin pure powder

5. market prospect

With the increasing awareness of people's health and beauty, astaxanthin, as a natural and effective nutritional and health product, has received widespread attention and love. The market demand in Europe and America continues to grow, and astaxanthin, as a product with obvious competitive advantages, has broad market prospects.

Astaxanthin can be applied in various fields such as health products, cosmetics, and food. In the field of health products, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skincare effects of astaxanthin will become a key highlight of its customer attraction. In the field of cosmetics, astaxanthin's whitening, wrinkle resistance, sun protection and other functions will be sought after by consumers. Meanwhile, astaxanthin can also be applied in food processing to enhance product color and provide nutritional value.

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